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Korea Global Forum for Peace (KGFP) is a track 1.5 multilateral forum hosted by the Ministry of Unification (MOU) of the Republic of Korea to discuss peace and unification of the Korean Peninsula. Since its inaugural forum in 2010, KGFP has been an annual forum for researchers experts and government officials from over twenty countries to participate and discuss issues concerning North Korea and lasting peace of the Korean Peninsula.

Today, the global healthcare crisis of COVID-19 is placing significant restrictions on face-to-face communication among countries while the pandemic has escalated the urgency and importance of cooperation in non-traditional security (disease・disaster・terrorism, etc.).

Against this backdrop, it is more critical than ever for the international community to work toward maintaining the momentum for building peace and continuing international discourse to address the crisis on the Korean peninsula.

Furthermore, in order to enter the path of peaceful co-existence and shared prosperity, it is more important than anything else to manage the state of affairs on the Korean peninsula in a peaceful and stable way through a clear and realistic understanding of the surrounding circumstances, close cooperation with the international community, and consistent implementation of the Korean Peace Process among others.

2021 is a particularly meaningful year that marks the 「30th anniversary of Inter-Korean Basic Agreement」 and the 「30th anniversary of South and North Korea’s simultaneous admission to the UN」. In this context, this forum is aimed at refreshing the meaning and purpose of the Basic Agreement that has served as the foundation of peaceful unification on the Korean peninsula while discussing the vision and ways for new inter-Korean relations and proactively exploring the future course of the Korean peninsula and the international community to build a new order.